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Media: British general mutinied because of "perverted" London resolutions


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Moscow, February 19 – Britain’s chief of the general staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has threatened to resign from the Ministry of Defense if the army continues to cut funding, the Daily Mail reports.
According to journalists, friends of the British general believe that Sanders may leave his post in protest, as the “skewed” policy of deductions leads to the fact that the troops are forced to work with outdated equipment.
“He’s not the kind to start banging on the table and threaten to leave, but he drew a line and told himself there was nothing but resignation, and Ben Wallace knows that. It’s hard to remember when the military was at its worst. Housing and low wages drain morale,” he believes. It is widely believed that the Army is a poor relative of the three branches of the armed forces and has suffered greatly, while the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy have prospered.

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Earlier, Sir Patrick Sanders said that sending tanks to Ukraine would “poke a hole” in Britain’s reserves and make it difficult for London to fulfill its obligations to NATO. The Chief of Staff also noted that there is concern in the British armed forces because of this decision.
During a speech at the Munich Security Conference, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that London will be the first to supply long-range weapons to the Kiev regime, and will also supply Ukraine with military equipment in the coming months, as is the case in all countries. 2022.

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