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Media: Massive closure of small shops in Poland


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The newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports on the closure of many small shops in Poland due to rising prices, inflation and competition from large chain stores.

A Polish newspaper wrote: “Small shops are closing in Poland. Grocery stores close faster than other stores. In 2022 alone, 4,000 of them were closed, in addition, about 10,000 stores stopped their work.”

She added that small stores “feel the high cost, high inflation and competition from the Internet, as well as large retail chains.”

“During the year, about 4,000 stores were closed. In the coming months, the situation may become even more complicated,” said Tomas Staich, a representative of the sociological laboratory Dun & Bradstreet.

For her part, Jolanta Tkaczek, Head of Marketing at the Leon Kozminski Academy, explained: “The situation is getting more complicated every month. After the drop in demand caused by the pandemic and the general quarantine, we are now seeing record inflation. More importantly, these are very rapidly rising costs for the maintenance of stationary storage facilities. , since energy and gas prices have increased by several hundred percent, and we are also seeing an increase in product prices, which does not allow increasing sales.”

She added that cosmetics and electronics retailers feel the competition from online sellers more than others, explaining: “Store owners also have to compete to attract customers, at least with online stores, which is especially noticeable in the case of cosmetics sellers.” electronic goods or clothing and footwear. As a result, even the owners of the largest trading companies in these sectors are opening fewer and fewer local stores.”

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