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Media personality faces potential lawsuit from Celsius over leak of classified information


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According to reports, the bankrupt Celsius network is now preparing to sue creditor and media personality, Tiffany Fong, for revealing classified information.

However, Fung claims she did nothing wrong by providing public sensitive details relating to the lender because the NDA did not obligate her.

What was revealed?

The bankruptcy petition reveals that cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network either planned to sue crypto blogger and creditor Celsius Tiffany Fong for disclosure of confidential information or is considering doing so.

Fong has over $119,000 worth of bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and polygon (MATIC) locked to C, according to the screenshots she provided. This was before the company halted withdrawals in mid-June 2022 before filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection the following month.

Since then, she has provided real-time updates on the bankruptcy case through YouTube and other online media platforms. Fong has repeatedly disclosed confidential materials that she claims were provided confidentially by disgruntled former employees of Celsius.

Fong reported, among other things, leaked recordings of confidential business conversations and alleged transactional activity of executives, including former CEO and founder Alex Mashinsky, bidding on Percentage’s assets.

On April 14, Celsius’s legal representative, Kirkland & Ellis International, filed a statement detailing the sixth monthly fee to the Southern District of New York in bankruptcy court, stating that they were paid 77 hours, or approximately $72,000, for their work on the invoice. Entitled “The Tiffany Fong Lawsuit”.

The petition notes that Celsius’ legal counsel has been investigating leaks of material Fong disclosed on its social media pages, though no actual legal action is planned.

The document also revealed that Celsius Law Firm had been preparing cease and desist letters from Fong and a petition for coercion, which asks the court to provide evidence.

Fung won’t stop

To add fuel to the flames, on April 15, Fung posted on Twitter that she and Alex and Krissy Mashinsky had publicly connected when they were in New York for the 2023 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) event in New York City.

A Twitter video shows Fong and other crypto content artists, including Ben Armstrong, better known as BitBoy Crypto, approaching the Mashinskys to talk, but the pair quickly backs away.

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