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Media reported a war between Poles and Russians on Turkish shores


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Moscow, May 25 – Poles are outraged by the presence of Russian and Ukrainian tourists in Turkish resorts, writes columnist Mile Polska Konrad Rinkas..
The article tells how the “Polish knights” refused to play volleyball with the Russians and staged “attacks” on them in Turkish taverns. According to the author, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200b”suffering Ukrainians” who own apartments in resorts or vacation in local hotels are in no hurry to “take revenge on the Russians they meet” also does not go into the minds of his compatriots.
The columnist urged Poles to simply enjoy the sun, rest, go shopping, and not discuss global issues on a sun lounger.

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“Polish beach wars look childish and funny, especially since only we were involved in them,” said Rinkas.
And therefore, the Poles should drive out of their heads thoughts about the “hated Russians”, who, according to the Observer, were so indifferent to their fellow citizens a few years ago. If you can do this on vacation, the journalist concluded, perhaps life in Poland will become easier too.
Read the full text of the article on the InoSMI website >>

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