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Media reports suggest that UEFA is prepared to provide support to Juventus in their fraud case.


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Moscow, April 1 – The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has expressed its willingness to help the Italian “Juventus” in the event of financial fraud in exchange for its refusal to participate in the Premier League project, according to the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.
The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in January deprived Juventus of 15 points due to financial fraud, and also removed a number of club officials from football. FIGC subsequently held hearings to reopen the fraud case.
The publication stated that UEFA President Alexander Schefrin had promised to help Juventus if the club’s management abandoned the idea of ​​the Premier League before the European Union court’s decision on the fate of the tournament. It is expected to be delivered before the end of the year.

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In April 2021, 12 European clubs announced the creation of the Premier League. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), UEFA, national federations, representatives of the football community and fans have strongly criticized the idea of ​​a new tournament. After that, all English clubs announced their withdrawal from the project, followed by Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona remained committed to the idea of ​​the Premier League, against which UEFA filed a disciplinary case.
In May 2022, the UEFA Court of Justice registered the Premier League’s appeal due to a potential breach of competition rules by UEFA and FIFA. In January, the Madrid Regional Court defended the interests of the makers of the new tournament and ordered international federations to refrain not only from taking any actions that impede the development of the Premier League, but also from statements against the tournament. .

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