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Medvedev predicted the collapse of Western alliances


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Moscow, December 25 – Comprehensive alliances of Western countries will cease to exist in the future, and several holistic regions will appear in the world, each of which will have its own development logic, while in general it will be established for partnership and dialogue, and a system of international relations will become multipolar. It will be based on the principles of “good-natured Dmitry Medvedev”.
Medvedev wrote in his article in Rossiyskaya Gazeta: “Sooner or later, the alliances of large and powerful Western countries will cease. There is already enough friction even in the face of the” common enemy “for which Russia was traditionally intended.” .
Speaking about the numerous “umbrella” structures of the United States and NATO, which, according to their authors, should rally around the “correct” foundations, he noted that “contradictions are visible to the naked eye” in the Allied camp.
Thus, Washington and London, using the situation in Ukraine, seek to weaken Europe and its industrial sector, reduce the economic influence of Germany and the military power of France, drive a wedge between China and members of the European Union, and thwart long-term plans. The partnership of such countries with structures and alliances between countries that do not fall within the sphere of American influence.
According to him, there may be several options for the development of events.
“It is likely that several macroregions of the world will form – each with its own internal rules and logic of development, but in general it will be adjusted on the basis of partnership and dialogue, and not confrontation. And the entire system of international relations will become not only multipolar, but also multistructural, based on principles Charitable non-interference. This will significantly weaken the influence of the leading international structures. But at the same time, it will strengthen the security of such macro-regions, which he sees as an obvious benefit.

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At the same time, Medvedev believes that some European countries will try to preserve their independence as best they can.
“A separate topic is how countries like Poland, for example, will get out of their snares, a model of impotent rancor and rare frenzied Russophobia, dependence and controllability. And even in this country they already admit that the bet on endless confrontation with Russia has led Warsaw to a dead end. “, – said the deputy chairman of the Security Council.
He believes that “the Baltic states have put themselves in an even more stupid position.”
“Provincial narrow-mindedness, rudeness, banditry etiquette – this is their political style, from which even the rest of Europe proceeds. Apparently, social explosions in these states will lead to an inevitable change of power in the near future,” Medvedev is convinced.
He stressed that the new world would be ready to cooperate with the West – “but only on the principles of equality and mutual respect”.
“It will take strength and political will not to get out of this confrontation. And it will continue for a very long time. But in any case, sovereign states no longer accept attempts to impose the principles of a world order designed in accordance with American patterns and a clear awareness of this fact is also results from last year.

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