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Messi: The World Cup told me: “Come and get me!” I saw her beaming and kissed her without hesitation


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Argentine star Lionel Messi said on Monday that his life has changed since winning Qatar in the 2022 World Cup and that he felt the World Cup was calling him to accept it.

“Since December 18, everything has changed for me,” Messi said in an interview with Urbana Play radio, based in Buenos Aires. “And I felt more comfortable.”

And about his feeling at the moment when it came time to present the World Cup, Messi said: “I went up and saw her beaming in this beautiful stadium (Lucille), as if she was telling me come and hug me now, you can touch me and I didn’t think of anything else.”

Messi explained: “I would like Diego Maradona to give me a trophy or at least see Argentina as a world champion.

He added: “I used to feel like God was keeping this for me and there was no better time than this. The same with the America’s Cup at the end of my career. Now I appreciate it every day. more.”

And he continued: “I told my family that it ended after a lot of time, a lot of suffering, because there were times when I suffered a lot with the national team, a lot of disappointments, it was always very close and never happened. I have been criticized for a long time of all colors and I know that my family has suffered as much or even more than me, they have always wanted to show me that they are strong.”

He added: “But I know that they suffered a lot inside, not only because it didn’t happen, but also because of the cruel words they said to me, and it went beyond football. This is what really upset and hurt me. We won the America’s Cup, we won the World Cup, that’s all. There’s nothing left, it’s over.”

With his question, did you rewatch the World Cup final? Messi said: “Yes, sometimes I watch highlights or some clips, but not the whole match.”

And about the night of the final: “Everything was calm, I slept well, it was like very quiet throughout the World Cup, and at the same time we are doing everything possible to achieve this, I slept well and did not feel anxious, and I was very calm.”

Moving on to talk about the toughest match at the World Cup in Qatar, he said: “I think the toughest match we played at the World Cup was against Mexico. In all matches we were better than our rivals, because we always knew what to do. We had to do it in every match. We have prepared the coaching staff well.

And Messi continued about his arguments during the match against the Netherlands: “At that moment, I went out of enthusiasm, without planning. Some players told me before the match: “Did you see what Van Gaal said?” (Laughs). But it turned out like this, there was a lot of tension.”

And about the final penalty: “It’s hard to explain what I feel at this moment, a lot of things come to mind at this moment, you seem to explode and enjoy this moment, and you can’t believe it. that this is the end, and that we have it.

Messi concluded by saying: “A lot of people wanted Argentina to win, it’s clear everyone wanted their country to be champion first and since they were eliminated they encouraged Argentina because they wanted me to be world champion. That’s was something i heard from long before it started people wanted me to win the world championship i don’t think anything like that ever happened all that energy led to it happening at the end “.

Lionel Messi led his country to World Cup victory for the first time since 1986 at the expense of his French counterpart, beating him 4-2 on penalties in the final that brought them together on Sunday 18 December. , 2022, Lusail Stadium.

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