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Microsoft Edge Browser to Launch Non-Custodial Ethereum Wallet


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Microsoft, which recently invested billions in OpenAI, is developing a noncustodial Ethereum wallet built into Edge, its chrome-based browser.

Microsoft will include a crypto wallet in Edge

In a tweet dated March 17, the Albacore investigator who opted for the feature said he was baffled and thought the cryptocurrency wallet on Edge was questionable.

The wallet is currently being tested and kept secret as Microsoft collects feedback. As such, it is not clear when the tech giant will release its crypto wallet to the masses.

However, what is clear is that Microsoft is keen to explore the encryption path. By developing a built-in crypto wallet compatible with Ethereum and, by extension, other ethereum virtual machine (EVM) blockchains, users will have a medium in which they can quickly store their digital assets, including coins such as ETH or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). .

Cryptocurrency wallets are critical to blockchains and act as gateways for users to interact with the underlying ledgers. An encrypted wallet contains a private key and a public key. The public key is an address where the user can receive the assets.

Meanwhile, while sending assets or approving a transaction, they require a private key, and a string of verbal phrases, to prove ownership.

Microsoft plans to launch a “hot” wallet, connected to the Internet, where users have complete control over their assets, such as Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask.

The wallet is in the testing phase

In the setup process, Microsoft said that the non-custodial wallet will be included in Microsoft Edge, and users will not have to install any extension. However, since it is in the testing phase, Microsoft has said that it will not be liable if any loss of funds is incurred.

“This is a non-custodial wallet, which means you are in complete control of your funds. We will not have access to your password and recovery key. It is built into Edge, which makes it easy to use without installing any extension. As a tester, you will use your own funds. In case of loss of funds Microsoft will not compensate for any loss. This is a confidential project. No details should be shared externally.”

In late February 2023, Microsoft partnered with Ankr to support organizations and businesses that need access to blockchain data through a trusted node hosting service provider.

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