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Middle East and Africa’s First Electric Aircraft and Drone Factory Launches


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UAE-based Monarch Aircraft Manufacturing and China’s Aihang Holding have partnered to establish the first electric aircraft and drone factory in the Middle East and Africa.

The signing of the partnership is in line with the initiatives of Abu Dhabi’s industrial strategy, including the innovative technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, the legislative framework for the circular economy, and green economy policies and incentives in light of the transition to a smart, circular and sustainable economy.

A collaboration between Abu Dhabi-based Monarch Aircraft Manufacturing and China’s Aihang Holding, a pioneer in drone technology, aims to produce electrically powered aircraft and drones for transporting passengers and cargo in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

As well as the creation of a control center to manage airways using self-monitoring technology, as well as the creation of infrastructure, airstrips, as well as facilities for aircraft operations and sustainable paths, while providing opportunities for the qualification and training of Emiratis. manufacturing competencies.

The project contributes to the creation of an advanced infrastructure for take-off and landing platforms and an advanced flight control system, which uses the methods of using commercial drones powered by sustainable electricity using self-monitoring and artificial intelligence technologies, through cooperation and partnership with many local businesses in the emirate to enable Abu -Dabi to host urban aviation technology in the near future.

The project strengthens Abu Dhabi’s position at the forefront of smart cities in the Middle East and Africa region as it aims to improve the components of smart and sustainable mobility.

Source: VAM

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