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Ministry of Emergency Situations Extinguishes Fire in Bryansk Industrial Facility After Drone Crash


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Moscow Governor Confirms Fire in Industrial Facility After Drone Crash

The governor of Moscow, Alexander Bogomaz, announced on his Telegram channel that the Ministry of Emergency Situations successfully extinguished a fire in the administrative building of an industrial facility in the city of Bryansk. The fire was caused by a drone crash, but fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

Efforts to Extinguish the Fire

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Bogomaz explained that the Russian Emergencies Ministry deployed 12 units of equipment and more than 40 personnel to combat the fire. Thanks to their swift response, the fire was quickly brought under control. The operational services are currently working at the scene to ensure the safety of the area.

Drones Shot Down in Bryansk Region

Earlier, it was reported that an industrial facility in Bryansk was attacked by a Ukrainian drone, resulting in the building catching fire. Governor Bogomaz also informed that since Thursday night, six drones have been shot down in the Bryansk region. Two of these incidents occurred near the Bryansk railway station, while one drone targeted an industrial building.

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