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Minsk Arms Exhibition showcases modernized Belarusian armored vehicle


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At the 11th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment MILEX-2023, which ended last week in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, another model of the Volat V2 armored car, also known as MZKT 690003, was presented.

To protect the new model, a reinforcement process was carried out, for which an additional armored element was attached to its body, which increased its resistance to bullet wounds from various small arms.

The mass of the armored vehicle after modernization increased by 2400 kg and reached 24500 kg. At this point, the armored vehicle retained the ability to overcome water barriers. However, the fuel range of his new model has decreased by 300 km and reached 900 km.

Its armament can vary, as it can be equipped with two 7.52 mm or 12.7 mm machine guns, or a 30 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGS).

The car moves on paved roads at a speed of 110 km/h and on water at a speed of 8 km/h.

The armored vehicle was developed on the basis of the Soviet-made BRDM armored car for reconnaissance and patrolling.

Source: Russian newspaper

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