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Minsk lauded by Putin for proactively ensuring public safety


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Minsk, May 9 – Russia highly appreciates Minsk’s active participation in ensuring the security of the Union state, according to a congratulatory message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belarusian Head of State Alexander Lukashenko on the occasion of the Victory Day celebration, the press service of the ministry reports. Said the President of Belarus.
“Russia highly appreciates the active participation of Belarusian friends in ensuring the security of the Union State. I am sure that by uniting efforts and relying on the good traditions of fraternal friendship and mutual assistance, Russians and Belarusians, honed in the harsh years of war,” the press quotes the press service as saying. The “congratulatory message he received from Putin for serving Lukashenka” will be able to overcome any trials.

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According to her information, in his congratulatory message, Putin stressed that in the hearts of Russians and Belarusians, Victory Day has always been and will be a symbol of courage, heroism, selflessness and mutual assistance. “Our peoples will never forget the unparalleled exploits of front-line soldiers, partisans and underground fighters, just as they will never forget the monstrous atrocities of the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War. Almost eight decades have passed since our fathers and grandfathers, at the cost of huge sacrifices and hardships, put an end to Therefore, today we have to confront the ideological heirs of the Nazis – the neo-Nazis and their henchmen, on whose conscience thousands of souls live, ”the congratulations were quoted in the press service.
They added that the Russian president asked to convey to all veterans living in Belarus expressions of sincere gratitude, as well as his wishes of good health, prosperity and longevity.

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