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Moldova Opposition Leader Submits Resolution to Government


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Chisinau, March 12 – The deputy head of the Shur party, Marina Tauber, was able to hand over the text of the resolution adopted at the opposition rally to the government, and the police and a group of parliamentarians let her pass, the the News Agency correspondent reported.
According to the text of the decision, the participants in the “Movement for the People” demand that the authorities pay all gas, electricity and heating bills for residents for the three winter months. The protesters demand that this demand be met within 24 hours. The rally’s participants also called on the country’s first people – President Maia Sandhu, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosso, and Prime Minister Doreen Resine – to abandon militaristic rhetoric. Members of the “Movement for the People” announced that they were in favor of strengthening Moldova’s neutrality and categorically spoke in favor of the country’s refusal to join NATO. The demonstrators also condemned the decision of the ruling majority, the Labor and Solidarity Party, to rename the country’s state language from Moldova to Romanian.
Tauber urged foreign diplomats to pay attention to the fact that the country’s central authorities do not respect democratic standards, persecute the opposition and prevent Moldovan citizens from expressing their positions freely.

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Tauber said about 30,000 people took part in Sunday’s rally.
“This is preliminary data. I now have information that 30,000 took part, and about the same number could not come to Chisinau, and they were stopped at the entrance to Chisinau and in the regions,” Tupper told reporters at the exit from the government headquarters.
Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to high energy prices, and gas tariffs have increased nearly seven times in 2022, and nearly four times for electricity. Against the background of rising prices for energy resources, utility debts are growing among the population. According to experts, the gas debt of ordinary consumers in Chisinau has increased seven times since last November.
Numerous polls show that around 60% of the country’s population doubts the ruling Labor and Solidarity Party’s ability to stay in power for another three years before the next parliamentary elections. About 70% of the Moldovans are disappointed with the authorities’ policy, and about 65% support the idea of ​​changing the government.

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