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Moldovan Opposition to Protest for Protection of State Language


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Chisinau, March 4 – On Monday, March 6, the opposition bloc of Moldovan communists and socialists will hold a protest in defense of the Moldovan language, which they want to rename into Romanian, the press service of the Communist Party reports.
Moldova’s ruling Labor and Solidarity party agreed on Thursday, March 2 during the first reading to rename the state language to Romanian during the parliamentary meeting. The authors of the initiative pointed out that the adopted law is not a change to the constitution, but only aims to comply with the decision of the Constitutional Court on the issue of language. According to this draft, the words “Moldavian language” in any grammatical form are replaced by “Romanian language”. In addition, the words “state language”, “official language” and “native language” are replaced by the words “Romanian” if the state language of Moldova means.
“On Monday, March 6, 2023, at 12.00 (13.00 Moscow time), near the building of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, a protest will be held in defense of the Moldovan language, against the illegal decision of the ruling Labor and Solidarity party to replace the “Moldovan language” syntagma with “Romanian”, – stated in a message posted on the website of the Communist Party.

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The Bloc of Communists and Socialists calls on all concerned Moldovans and civic activists to take part in the protest.
The Constitutional Court of Moldova decided in 2013 that the state language of the republic is Romanian. At the same time, the country’s constitution states that the state language is Moldovan. According to the Constitutional Court, the text of the Declaration of Independence of Moldova, in which the state language is Romanian, takes precedence over the Constitution of the Republic.

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