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Moldova’s Socialist Party alleges complete media control by authorities.


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Chisinau, April 14 – Adela Relliano, a member of the Socialist Party, said in a parliamentary meeting on Friday that the authorities in Moldova have taken control of all media, destroying freedom of expression and alternative press.
On Friday, the House of Representatives held hearings on the report on the activities of the Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting.
“In Moldova, which wants to be a European country, the media is controlled by the authorities. And in our proclaimed ‘pro-European’ democracy, there is no more freedom. There is no alternative press anymore. Now we only have decorative press and decorative journalists. A kind of prop to provide They are the illusion of happiness and well-being for the masses,” Relliano said.

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She noted that when Parliament approved the current composition of the Council, almost everyone rejected the premise that this body could be subject to political control.
“However, all optimistic expectations collapsed after the Council approved the most controversial decisions in the history of Moldovan broadcasting. And I will tell you about the sad story when the Council, designed to ensure balance in the media space, in one fell swoop became a participant in the process of eliminating all means of broadcasting. critical media. This disgrace is due to the contribution of this council.”
On December 16, the Moldovan authorities suspended the license of the opposition and leading Russian television channels Primul in Moldova, RTR Moldova, Accent TV, NTV Moldova, TV6, Orhei TV, which allegedly cover information about events in the country and Ukraine in bad faith, He explained this decision as a risk of misinformation. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow considers the Chisinau decision a political oversight. The Russian Foreign Ministry added that such actions are a violation of the principle of media pluralism and a flagrant violation of the right to freedom of access to information, and Moscow described it as a “cynical violation of the rights of national minorities.”

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