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Monero’s Decline Continues as Encrypta and the Universe Flourish


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The past few weeks have seen an upward trend for crypto projects, including Monero, Cosmos, and InQubeta. However, only a few maintained the upward momentum. Specifically, monero (XMR) appears to be calming down while InQubeta and Cosmos tokens are stable.

InQubeta: investing in AI startups through hashed NFTs

InQubeta has introduced a new solution to the artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptography landscape.

As the leading crowdfunding platform for AI startups that use cryptocurrency, InQubeta offers a liquidity pool where startups can raise funds.

Additionally, its marketplace makes it easier to invest in AI startups through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

InQubeta enables startups to raise funds by offering stakes in their projects and minting them as NFTs. By purchasing stock-based NFTs, investors can directly support AI projects or products and reap the rewards when they are successful. Furthermore, InQubeta’s fractional investment feature eliminates purchase limits, giving investors greater flexibility.

Holders of QUBE, the native token of InQubeta, can enjoy several benefits. They can share tokens and NFTs on the platform to receive rewards while owning voting rights.

Furthermore, as a deflationary benchmark, QUBE may present a long-term investment opportunity, as its value is likely to remain supported as supply declines.

In the first phase of its pre-sale, InQubeta is offering the tokens at a competitive price of $0.00875 each. Given the potential for growth in the coming months, investors may consider acquiring QUBE.

To date, the InQubeta preshow has raised over $900,000. This may reflect the investor’s confidence in the platform’s vision and indicate the platform’s popularity in crypto.

Monero’s bullish momentum is waning

Monero is a privacy-focused blockchain that aims to facilitate private and anonymous transactions by hiding the identities of the participants.

Recognizing the demand for enhanced privacy and anonymity in the cryptocurrency sector, Monero (XMR) is trading at over $160.

However, the positives of XMR are weakening as the momentum gradually diminishes. After a significant rally that started in mid-June, Monero prices are still consolidating and may cool off before resuming the bullish trend.

Cosmos is bullish, coinciding with the cryptocurrency market

Cosmos is an ecosystem of connected blockchains. The recent recovery has seen the universe (ATOM) trading in sync with the broader cryptocurrency market, surging higher.

After a slight dump in ATOM prices in early June, which can be attributed to concerns about the larger crypto market, prices have been relatively flat, and underlying momentum for ATOM is high.


As the unilateral asc loses its strength, the inqubeta and cosmos become more stable. InQubeta is an AI crypto project whose native token QUBE is noted by analysts to have growth potential in 2023, which explains the increased demand in the ongoing pre-sale.

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