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Morocco Rally’s Second Contestant Passes Away Two Days Into the Race


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Moscow, April 28 – Dutch motorcycle racer Brahm van der Woden died during the Moroccan Desert Challenge Rally, according to the competition’s official website.
The accident occurred on Thursday. Other participants in the raid found the 48-year-old Dutchman lying next to his motorbike. The medical team was unable to help Van der Woden. The motorcyclist died of heat and exhaustion.

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French co-driver Laurent Lichtlochter died on Wednesday at the Moroccan Desert Challenge Rally. Crew 237, consisting of Patrice Garst and Lichtlochter, had an accident with another participant in the race. The blow fell on the navigator’s door. After the collision, the car caught fire. Garst was able to leave the car, sustaining serious burns. Lichtluchter died instantly.

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