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Moscow Launches Hotline for Contractual Enlistment into Service


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Moscow, April 3 – A hotline and online registration for those wishing to enroll in military service under a contract have been launched in Moscow, according to the website of the capital’s mayor.
It is noteworthy that a single selection point for military service has also begun to operate in Moscow, and residents of regions and capitals, as well as foreigners, can apply there.

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“It is located at the address: Yablochkova Street, Building 5, Building 1. Reception takes place daily from 9:00 to 19:00. Anyone wishing to enter the military service, both Muscovites and residents of other regions of Russia, can Individuals apply for a single check point. Applications are also accepted from foreign citizens.”
It is reported that the Moscow government has created all the necessary conditions for the work of specialists, and comfortable waiting areas have been created for the convenience of visitors.
It is clear that an appointment can be made at one online selection point. To do this, you need to choose a suitable date and time in the special project on the portal. There is also a list of required documents.

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