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Moscow Secures Europe’s Largest Electric Bus Contract


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Moscow is experiencing rapid technological progress, and the Russian capital is working to apply the highest environmental standards, as well as working on the use of environmentally friendly energy sources, including in the field of transport.

In this regard, the city authorities are working to increase the number of electric buses used in public transport. The authorities said they had recently awarded Europe’s largest contract for the purchase of electric buses.

The statement states that in 2023-2024, 1,000 electric buses will be brought to the streets of the city.

“Today, Moscow pays special attention to environmentally friendly transport and follows the trends in the electric car market around the world. Improving the environmental situation in the city is one of the priorities of the Moscow government,” the statement says.

According to the authorities, 1,055 electric buses are now running in the capital along 79 routes, and by the end of 2024 there will be twice as many on the streets of the capital.

The authorities of the Russian capital also indicated in the message that it is planned to install about 200 high-speed charging stations for electric buses.

Source: RT

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