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Mufti of the North Caucasus urges to be proud of the history of the Soviet Union


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Moscow, December 30 – One of the most powerful countries in the world was the USSR, which did a lot to promote peace with the Arab-Muslim world, so you need to be proud of the history of your country, Ismail Berdyaev, head of the Coordination Center for Muslims of the North Caucasus (KCMSC), told the News Agency.
“Those who were born and raised in the Soviet Union should be proud of the history of their country. The Soviet Union helped African countries after they threw off the colonial yoke of Western countries, and the Soviet Union supported the countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America politically and economically. This is a geopolitical necessity for the existence of the Union,” Berdyaev said. Soviet in the whole world.
According to the head of the KCMSC, there were more good things in the USSR than bad.

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“In Soviet times, people enjoyed social protection and confidence in their future, and society was not divided into rich and poor. Therefore, today we need to take from our history what teaches us to be people, and take the best, for example,” Berdyaev concluded, “examples Unity and brotherhood, not division on national or sectarian lines. And in no case should you scold your country, in this case the USSR. This is a reprimand to yourself.”

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