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Muscovites may notice a rare natural phenomenon on Friday


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Moscow, January 6 – Commenting on the images of the solar corona that appeared on Friday, the main specialist at the Phobos Weather Center, Alexander Sinenkov, told the News Agency that there are conditions in the capital for its appearance, and Muscovites can already monitor this phenomenon.
A halo is an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere that appears as a glow around a light source. It can be in the form of a circle, an arc or a light column. Earlier on Friday, images of corona appeared in the media, which were supposedly seen in Moscow.

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“The corona occurs due to the refraction of sunlight into small ice crystals. On cold winter days, this phenomenon occurs quite often … It often occurs when there are clouds at an altitude of 6 to 10 thousand (meters) with such weather conditions,” Sinenkov said. , And now this is the situation in the capital, this phenomenon is noticeable.”

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