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Muscovites talked about the weather on New Year’s Eve


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Moscow, December 31 – Cloudy weather, light snow, sleet and up to plus 2 degrees are expected in the capital on New Year’s Eve, Mikhail Leos, leading specialist of the Phobos Weather Center, told the News Agency.
“The next night, D.C.’s weather control will switch to an atmospheric warm front approaching from the northwest. The weather will be cloudy, there will be light snow, sleet in places, sleet and the air temperature is -0-plus-2 degrees,” Leus said.
The forecaster also noted that today’s weather in Moscow in the first half of the day will be formed by a cyclone departing to the southeast, and in the afternoon the top of the cyclone from the northwest will be responsible for control.

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“The weather is cloudy, there will be light snow, freezing, mostly in the first half of the day. Possible fog in the northern regions of the region. The maximum air temperature today is zero – plus 2 degrees in Moscow, 0 – plus 3 in the Moscow region, “he said. Leos.
He added that the winds will blow from the west at a speed between 3 and 8 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will rise slightly, and evening barometers will show 748 mm of mercury, which is approximately normal.
Where do you plan to celebrate the New Year?

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