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Muslim Women in Burkini Swimsuits Prevented from Swimming on Beach in Italy


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Muslim Women in Burkini Swimsuits Denied Access to Italian Beach

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A group of Muslim women wearing burkini swimsuits were prevented from swimming on a beach in northeastern Italy, according to a report.

Incident at Lido Pedesen Beach

The women, who were at the women-only section of Lido Pedesen beach in Trieste, encountered another group of women who prohibited them from swimming. Lido Pedesen beach is known as Europe’s only gender-segregated beach.

Reason Cited: Hygiene Issue

According to the report, the Muslim women were banned from swimming due to a claimed “hygiene issue” by the opposing group.

Seeking Explanation from Beach Management

After the incident, the Muslim women approached the beach management seeking an explanation. However, they were informed that there were no regulations regarding this matter.

Context: Mayor’s Stance on Beach Attire

This incident follows a letter from Ana Maria Cesente, the mayor of Monfalcone, where she expressed her disapproval of wearing excessive clothing on beaches.

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