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Naraka Bladepoint Update 1.026: New Content, Soul Land Crossover, Immortal War, and More


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Naraka Bladepoint Update 1.026 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing Naraka Bladepoint, make sure to update to version 1.026 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

Naraka Bladepoint Update 1.026

Brand New Content

I. Disengage System

The Disengage system is now available in all modes, except for Ranked Mode and Immortal War. This system allows players to quickly disengage from combat and retreat, providing them with an escape option when they are in a disadvantageous position.

II. Soul Land Crossover Available Now

1. Limited-time Event: Soul Awakening

The Soul Awakening event is a limited-time event that brings Soul Land-themed content to Naraka Bladepoint. Players can choose from four different Soul Shapes to awaken: Moonlapis Leaf, Fleetcharm Bunny, Spirit Eye, and Morpho Butterfly. Each choice grants players a Legendary Emote Gesture. The three Soul Shapes that were not chosen can be purchased in the SHOP.

To raise their Soul Power Level, players must complete cultivation quests, which reward them with Soul Coins and Soul Power EXP. More difficult cultivation quests provide greater rewards. Every 10 levels, players will reach a level limit and must complete breakthrough quests to raise their rank and level limit. This also grants them additional rewards.

Players can redeem rewards by using their Soul Coins in the SHOP.

2. Map Updates

The Soul Land crossover brings new content to the game, including a new area called Yin Yang’s Eye. This area can be found in both The Morus Isle and Holoroth.

3. New Mechanism

The Soul Land crossover also introduces new content to BOT Mode, Quick Match, and The Herald’s Trial. In the Yin Yang’s Eye field, a new mechanism has been added that creates seals. Interacting with these seals provides continuous healing for allies and damage over time for enemies.

Additionally, small animals have been placed on The Morus Isle, and three crossover animals have been added to both The Morus Isle and Holoroth: Boreal Scorpio, Human Faced Demon Spider, and Ice Silkworm. Players can now pick four crossover immortal herbs: Wonder Tulip, Dreamy Orchid, Silken Fragrance, and Lover’s Yearning.

4. New Souljades

Six new brand crossover Souljades have been introduced to the game. They are Evil Orca Lord (Left Leg Bone), Moonlapis Empress (Right Leg Bone), Exoskeleton·Arachnid Lances, Titan Ape (Left Arm Bone), Bull Python (Right Arm Bone), and Boreal Scorpion (Trunk Bone). These Souljades provide unique abilities and enhancements to players.

5. Fairyland Penglai Updates

Fairyland Penglai, a popular location in the game, has been updated with a new crossover themed event mechanism called Seahorse Obelisk. Players can interact with the testing platform at the Seahorse Obelisk to trigger the Sea God’s trial. The Seahorse Obelisk will announce the player’s results in chat.

III. Limited-time Event: Righteous Judgement

The Righteous Judgement event is a limited-time event that allows players to earn rewards by completing daily quests. By completing these quests, players can obtain Shayol’s Token: Golden Keeper Scrolls, with an additional chance to obtain various rewards such as Tae, Spectral Silk, Peerless Treasure Choice Gift, Hero Coin, Legendary Trial Card, Righteous Coin, and more.

Players can unlock Confidential Scrolls by collecting Golden Keeper Scrolls, and these scrolls can be used to claim rewards. After the event ends, players can still claim unlocked rewards on the event page and unlock Golden Keeper Scrolls to obtain rewards within the remaining time. However, quests, unlocking Confidential Scrolls, and sharing Golden Keeper Scrolls will no longer be available. Any expired items can be converted into Tae in the Inventory.

IV. Immortal War

The Immortal War is a new game mode that is open for 3 hours daily. To participate in the Immortal War, players must have a rank of Platinum or above. In this mode, players can earn Dark Tide Coins by knocking down enemies. The first three players in each match to knock down an enemy also receive additional Dark Tide Coin bonuses.

There are 18 players in Trios mode and 16 players in Solo mode. The Score bonus is determined by ranking and the total number of enemies downed by the player’s party. Players can form teams regardless of their rank, and matchmaking is based on the team member with the highest score.

The Immortal War introduces various changes and additions to gameplay, such as more Rift Dealers on the map, new quests, adjusted drop rates for equipment, and additional rewards. Season rewards will be awarded based on the highest rank gained in the Immortal War, and players who make it to the Top 500 in the Immortal War will earn a special title. The Top 3 players on the leaderboard will also receive exclusive Hero Badges.

Hero Adjustments

I. Justina Gu

Optimizations have been made to Justina Gu’s abilities, specifically to the pulling effect that occurs when she interrupts her dash and initiates a weapon move during the casting of Shadowswipe or Shadowswipe: Blizzard. These optimizations address issues with camera oscillation and improve the overall experience for players.

Weapon Adjustments

I. Heng Sword

The Heng Sword has undergone several adjustments to improve gameplay. These adjustments include changes to knockback distances, enhancements to melee correction and timing, optimizations to animations, and fixes for issues with strike accuracy and sound effects.

Souljade Adjustments

I. Dual Halberds Souljade

A new Souljade called Martial Art·Will-Form Hook has been added to the game. This Souljade provides players with new abilities and enhancements.

II. Heng Sword Souljade

The Focus effect of the second strike of Rampage has been changed from Blue Focus to Purple Focus. The first strike of Aurora Burst now applies a silence effect upon hitting the target and extends the range of subsequent strikes.

III. Effect (Consumable) Souljades

The special effects of Explosive Armor have been optimized, and the number of uses has been adjusted to 1.

Out-game Adjustments

I. Free Heroes Adjustments

Matari has been replaced with Feria Shen on the Free Heroes list available for new accounts. Their positions on the hero selection page have also been exchanged.

II. Fairyland Penglai

The Sky-high Racing feature in Fairyland Penglai has been updated to display blue totems individually for each player, ensuring that racers do not affect each other. This update aims to prevent unsportsmanlike conduct and maintain a friendly environment in Fairyland Penglai.

III. Righteous Season Pack Adjustments

Steam players can now purchase the Righteous Season Pack in-game. The Righteous Season Pack DLC will be removed from the Steam Store. The limited-time discount for the Righteous Season Pack has been extended.

Showdown Adjustments

I. Enigma Peak is Now Available!

Enigma Peak is a new location where Showdown Souljades drop in various forms. Players can receive rewards such as Legendary Souljade Choice Gifts, Thunder Essence, exclusive Hero Badges, and more by defeating a certain number of Bosses in a single match.

The Sense Level cap has been increased to 700 to align with the unlockable Sense Levels in Enigma Peak. The cultivation level cap for certain stages of Yama’s Abyss has also been adjusted accordingly.

II. Yama’s Abyss Adjustments

Preparation phases have been added to Yama’s Abyss, allowing players to choose starting enhancements before battles. The Health and Attack of certain Bosses have been adjusted, and the prices of certain items in Yama’s Abyss have been reduced. Other adjustments include changes to the Rift Dealer’s inventory and adjustments to Boss battles and weak points.

III. Enigma Domain Adjustments

Some Bosses and Omens in the Enigma Domain have been changed, and the battle range and area of certain Bosses have been adjusted.

IV. Omens Adjustments

Changes have been made to Valda Cui’s Water-attribute attacks, Tarka Ji’s Fire-attribute attacks, and the gestures of the Ice Spore. Melee attacks on certain mechanisms now trigger a pulling effect.

V. Combat Adjustments

Various adjustments have been made to combat, including relaxing the hit detection of Water Ent’s weak point and changes to Water Ent’s attack patterns. The triggering range of the Potential Honed Apparatus has also been adjusted.

Client Optimization

I. Performance Optimization

Fixed a bug that caused sudden frame rate drops when hitting opponents in Soul form.

II. Xbox One Performance Optimization

Reduced lag on the Xbox One by optimizing scene culling overhead.

Bug Fixes

Several performance bugs have been fixed, including occasional unresponsiveness and freezing when playing the game on DX12, as well as performance issues on the Steam Deck while playing the game on DX11. Sneaky crashes on PlayStation 5 have also been resolved.

Store Updates

I. New Feature: Cosmetic Upgrade

A new feature called Cosmetic Upgrade has been added to the game. This feature allows players to upgrade Weapon Skins and Emote Gestures using Glazed Crystals and Abysmal Crystals, respectively. Upgrading a cosmetic gives it a new look, but it cannot be reverted to previous levels. Players are rewarded with Collection Points for upgrading cosmetics. Glazed Crystals and Abysmal Crystals can be purchased in the SHOP.

II. New Packs

New packs have been added to the game, including exclusive packs for Temulch and Kurumi, as well as a pack for male characters called That’s Interesting Pack. These packs include various Legendary Outfits, Hairstyles, Voice Packs, Emote Gestures, and Poses.

III. New Discounts

Various items, including Legendary Skins, Emote Gestures, Special Effects, and Hairstyles, are now available at discounted prices.

IV. Removal of Crossover Themed Item

The crossover collaboration with “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” will come to an end after the update. The related cosmetics will no longer be available for purchase, but players who have already unlocked them will not be affected.

V. Discounts End

Various items that were previously discounted have returned to their standard prices.

VI. New Items in Spectral Silk Store

Kurumi Legendary Accessory and Temulch Legendary Accessory have been added to the Spectral Silk Store.

VII. Gold Purchase Updates

A new recharge tier of 120 Gold has been added, replacing the original 240 Gold tier.

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