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NATO says it supports "German French" EU plan for Kosovo


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Belgrade, February 13 – NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Javier Kolomina said that NATO supports the West’s “Franco-German” plan for a settlement in Kosovo and Metohija, and expects Serbia’s leadership to support it as well.
Kolomina was received on Monday in Belgrade by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic.
“We know that there is a Franco-German proposal on the table, a proposal from the European Union and NATO, which strongly supports the efforts of the European Union in this matter. I have informed your president and the head of diplomacy Dacic that NATO will support this plan,” Kolomina told reporters. European Union”.

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The Council (Parliament) of Serbia, after two days of discussion with the participation of the President, on February 3, approved the annual report of the government on the negotiations on Kosovo and Metohija and on the situation in the province. The President of Serbia announced to the parliamentarians 10 points for the country’s leadership program in the face of external pressures. Among them are maintaining peace and stability, demanding the formation of a community of Serb communities in Kosovo and Metohija, ensuring the security of Kosovo Serbs, attracting foreign investment to Serbia, and so on.
Vucic repeatedly reiterated that he “will never recognize Kosovo’s independence and is against Pristina’s entry into the United Nations”.
He also stated that Belgrade would continue its policy of military neutrality and “will try to hold out as much as possible without imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation”. In his opinion, the armed conflict in Ukraine is developing into a third world war, and Western countries are increasing pressure on Serbia due to its refusal to support sanctions against the Russian Federation.
Vucic said earlier that the country’s authorities had not yet agreed and signed the latest Western proposals for a settlement in the self-declared Republic of Kosovo, which includes the province’s gradual entry into the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the United Nations without being an official Belgrade. Recognition of independence. He also noted that it is no longer correct to call this plan “Franco-German”, as it is being promoted by both Brussels and the United States. At the same time, the content of West’s proposal was not disclosed in detail.

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