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NBA 2K24 Patch Notes 1.07: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Game Updates


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NBA 2K24 Update 1.07 has been released for all platforms and is now available for download on PC. The update brings several bug fixes, improvements, and patch notes. The file size may vary depending on the gaming platform you are using. So if you’re playing NBA 2K24, make sure to update to version 1.07 to experience the latest enhancements and fixes.

NBA 2K24 Update 1.07: Detailed Patch Notes and Game Updates


  • Reduced the effectiveness of the “Cut to Basket Pass”: With this update, the “Cut to Basket Pass” move has been toned down to create a more balanced gameplay experience.
  • Resolved a rare hang during alley-oop attempts: Previously, there was a specific timing issue that could cause the game to hang during alley-oop attempts. This issue has been fixed to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Fixed uncalled double-dribble violations when using dribble emotes: Using dribble emotes while posting up had the potential to trigger uncalled double-dribble violations. This problem has been addressed in the latest update.
  • Addressed a rare hang in the Dunk Contest: There was a rare occurrence of the game hanging during the Dunk Contest. This issue has been resolved, eliminating any disruptions during this mode.


  • Performance, stability, and visual improvements in the City: Various enhancements have been made to improve the overall experience in the City. Players can expect better performance, increased stability, and improved visuals.
  • Fixed hang when accessing the Equipment menu in the City: Some players experienced a hang when trying to access the Equipment menu in the City. This problem has been fixed, ensuring smooth navigation.
  • Camera blockage during jump ball situations in REC games: In REC games, there was an issue where the camera would briefly be blocked during jump ball situations. This has been resolved, providing an uninterrupted view during gameplay.
  • Full view of court status map in shootaround: Previously, players could not fully view the court status map while in a shootaround on the ELITE affiliation courts. This limitation has been removed, allowing players to scroll and view the entire map.
  • Default MyPLAYER camera selection restored: The default MyPLAYER camera can now be selected again if it was toggled away from during Starting 5 games. This gives players more control over their preferred camera settings.
  • Skill boosts properly utilized in Starting 5 games: Skill boosts, including the Additional Turbo Meter, will now be accurately utilized in Starting 5 games. Players can expect their boosts to have the intended impact on their gameplay.


  • Fixes and adjustments to improve quest experience: Multiple fixes and adjustments have been made to enhance the overall quest experience. These changes ensure proper progression and completion of quests throughout the mode.
  • Hang resolved after record-breaking cinematic sequences: In certain situations, a hang could occur when gameplay restarted too quickly following record-breaking cinematic sequences. This issue has been addressed, preventing any disruptive hangs.
  • Fix for progression blocker during offseason team selection: There was a rare progression blocker that could occur when selecting a new team to sign with during the offseason. This problem has been fixed, allowing smooth progression.
  • Control loss issue resolved during GOAT Mode activation: There was a timing-specific issue that could cause a loss of control over MyPLAYER if GOAT Mode activation occurred just before a stoppage in play. This problem has been resolved, ensuring uninterrupted control

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