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Neanderthals Were More Like Us Than We Thought: Evidence of Abstract Art Found in Gibraltar


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Neanderthals: New Discoveries Challenge Old Beliefs

Neanderthals, the extinct human race, were once thought to be completely different from our species, Homo sapiens. However, recent research has changed this perception.

Intermarriage and DNA Mixing

Initially, scientists believed that our species did not intermarry with Neanderthals. But it has been discovered that they actually coexisted and interbred in Europe for a period of time. The proportion of DNA inherited by generations varies, with the highest for the European and Asian populations and the lowest for the African population.

The Ability to Speak

There was a long-standing belief that Neanderthals could not speak. However, evidence suggests that their skull structure allowed them to communicate in a similar manner to us, although at a slower pace.

Abstract Thinking and Creativity

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One of the main differences attributed to the evolution of our species, Homo sapiens, was the ability to think abstractly and exhibit creativity. But this assumption was challenged when scientists discovered a 39,000-year-old example of abstract art created by Neanderthals in Gibraltar’s Gorham’s Cave.

Abstract Art by Neanderthals

A 300 square centimeter painting was found carved on a natural platform in Gorham’s Cave. The artwork consists of deep, cross-shaped furrows and intersecting thin lines. It was confirmed through experiments that Neanderthal stone tools were used intentionally to create this artistic piece.

Implications of the Discovery

This groundbreaking discovery challenges previous beliefs about Neanderthals and their cognitive abilities. It provides direct evidence of abstract thinking among ancient hominids through non-practical abstract art.

Further Insights

Additional research conducted in Gorham’s Cave revealed that Neanderthals hunted wild pigeons by infiltrating their nests on rocky cliffs.

Source: RT

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