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Neil Druckmann Teases Upcoming PS5 Game from Naughty Dog: What We Know So Far


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Neil Druckmann Teases Upcoming PS5 Game from Naughty Dog

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Neil Druckmann, the co-president of Naughty Dog, hinted at an exciting new game in development at the American studio. However, due to potential consequences, he refrained from disclosing any further information, joking that the head of communications would have “stabbed” him.

Multiple Projects in the Pipeline

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Druckmann revealed that he is currently juggling various projects, including a TV show and another game, alongside receiving feedback on a theme park. In addition, he disclosed that the second season of “The Last of Us” is ready for release as soon as the strike is resolved. Yet, despite these revelations, specifics about the next Naughty Dog game remain under tight wraps.

Speculations Surrounding the Mystery Game

While Druckmann serves as the writer and director for the upcoming Naughty Dog game, the exact nature of the project is still unknown. Fans are eagerly anticipating whether it will be a brand-new intellectual property or the highly anticipated continuation of “The Last of Us” series, possibly “Part 3.”

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