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Netizens notice "Double" Zelensky on the air of the Polish media


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Moscow, February 25 – Netizens of the Polish newspaper Fakt conspiracy noticed a doubling of Vladimir Zelensky during a meeting with US President Joe Biden.
The Polish version of Fakt posted on its YouTube channel a story dedicated to the visit of the American leader to Kiev. Netizens noticed that in the footage of Biden climbing the stairs, “another Zelensky” suddenly appeared.
“Why are two Zelenskys shown to us?” one commenter asked.
A third replied, “Whichever is closer to the real thing.”

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Another user shared his opinion, “two drug addicts at once.”
“Is this the real Biden?” asked the spectator.
Earlier, Biden arrived in Kiev for an unannounced visit and met Volodymyr Zelensky. Coinciding with the US President’s trip, the US announced a new $460 million aid package for Ukraine.

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