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Netizens rejoiced at Moscow’s hardened response to Washington: Start getting used to it!


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Moscow, April 28 – Users Twitter He appreciated the reaction of Russia’s first deputy representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, to his American colleague Linda Thomas Greenfield, who called Russia’s presidency of the UN Security Council an example of cynicism and hypocrisy.
According to the Russian diplomat, the real hypocrisy lies in the US attempts to impose its rules on the whole world, but those days are over, and Washington will have to get used to the new order.
wrote a user named Lyn. Well chosen words.

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“The light of the United States is fading. He said boldly,” added Mas Schwim.
Theo Gregoire replied: “Go to the mirror and repeat these words.”
“And who organized the coup in Ukraine in 2014? Maybe the same people who caused the Arab Spring? Shame on you, Linda!” Ahmed Murtala concluded.
Earlier, a delegation from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov encountered difficulties in obtaining US visas to travel to the United States to participate in the activities of the UN Security Council on April 24-25. At the same time, representatives of the Russian media were not given visas at all. The American side did not explain in any way the reason for this decision. In this regard, Lavrov said that the United States was upset and assured reporters that Russia “will not forget or forgive” this incident.

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