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New Accessibility Option in Spider-Man 2 Update: Reduce Game Speed to 30%


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New Accessibility Choices for Spider-Man 2

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One of the many new accessibility choices released for Spider-Man 2 in a recent update on the PlayStation website is the ability to reduce the game’s speed to thirty percent of its normal rate.

The website outlines:

Building on the accessibility enhancements made in prior releases, these features make it possible for more players with a wider range of skills to enjoy playing the game:

  • Audio: screen reader support will read aloud all on-screen text in menus.
    Captions: on-screen captions and audio descriptions are available for cinematic scenes.
  • Gameplay: you can slow the action to 70%, 50%, or 30% of the full speed, switching back to regular speed at any time.

As mentioned, the new features will build off the accessibility improvements in previous titles, which for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered include:


  • QTE Auto Complete – Auto-advance all QTE sequences without button presses.
  • Change Button Taps to Hold- button prompts that require button taps now require button holds.
  • Web-Shooter Burst – Enable firing up to three webs at once. Allows the player to web up most enemies in one button press fully.
  • Aim Mode – Sets aim action to a toggle or a button hold.
  • Swing/Parkour Mode – Sets swinging and parkour to a toggle or a button hold.
  • Air Trick Mode
  • Hold – Air Trick inputs must be held to maintain Air Trick mode.
  • Toggle Auto Clear – Air Trick input is pressed to enter Air Trick mode. It auto-clears after performing an action that breaks out of Air Trick mode or pressing the Air Trick input again.
  • Toggle Maintain – Air Trick input is pressed to enter Air Trick mode and persists through other actions while swinging. Pressing the Air Trick input again turns off Air Trick mode.
  • Chase Assist – Chase targets’ top movement speed is lowered so there is a longer window before the target escapes. Automatically attaches to the chase target when within range. Press [R3] to automatically turn the camera towards the chase target.
  • Enhanced Auto Aim – Snap onto targets with greater ease while in aim mode.
  • Increased Dodge Window – Increases the dodge window time.
  • Skip Puzzles – When Enabled, circuit, spectrography, and surveillance tower puzzles will have the option to skip.


  • Accessibility Vibration – Enable additional vibration to assist with auditory and visual gameplay elements, including:
  • Focus availability
  • Danger radius of explosives
  • Collectible assistance
  • Vibration Intensity – Adjust the intensity of controller vibrations.
  • Gadget Select Button – Swap the gadget select wheel between [R1] or [L1].
  • Photo Mode Shortcut – enable the left D-pad shortcut to open Photo Mode.
  • Adaptive Triggers – When Enabled, the [R2] and [L2] buttons change resistance dynamically during traversal actions.


  • Invert up/down
  • Invert left/right
  • Camera Sensitivity – Adjusts the camera control sensitivity.
  • Camera Shake – toggle camera shake on or off.
  • Swing Camera Motion – Adjust the FOV when swinging.
  • Camera Follow – Automatically rotate the camera behind Spider-Man while swinging.
  • Combat Camera – Automatically rotates the camera to keep enemies in view.
  • Look at Waypoint – Automatically turns the camera towards the objective waypoint.


  • Mission Waypoint Display – Toggle Waypoints between always on to show only when pressing R3.
  • Control Hints – Control hints are displayed on the bottom left corner of the HUD.
  • Mini-Map – Display the mini-map on the bottom right corner of the HUD.
  • Air Trick Notifications – XP rewards when doing Air Tricks are displayed on the right side of the HUD.
  • UI Parallaxing – When turned off, HUD and Pause Menu elements stay in place on the screen.
  • Icon and Prompt Size – Set the size for in-word waypoints, icons, and prompts.
  • HUD Background – Enable a contrasting background for the HUD.


  • Subtitles – Display Subtitles for spoken dialogue.
  • Subtitle Size – Adjust the size of the subtitles.
  • Subtitle Background – Enable a background for subtitles for improved readability.
  • Subtitle Color – Set the text color for subtitles.
  • Subtitles Speaker Color – Set the speaker name color for subtitles.


  • Master Volume – Adjust the overall volume of the game.
  • Music Volume – Adjust the volume of the game’s music.
  • Speech Volume – Adjust the volume of the game’s dialogue.
  • UI Volume – Adjust the volume of the menu sound effects.
  • SFX Volume – Adjust the volume of the sound effect while in-game.
  • Audio Balance – Balances the audio between the right and left channels.

Listening Mode Options:

  • Home Theater – Recommended listening mode for home theater and stereo speaker environments.
  • Maximum – Similar to Home Theater listening mode with a wider dynamic range.
  • Television – Reduced bass frequency for small television speakers.
  • Headphones – Wide dynamic range suitable for headphones.
  • Midnight – Narrow dynamic range for low-volume playback.
  • Mono Audio – Combine audio tracks into a single output that plays through each speaker. On PS5, 3D audio must be turned off in the PlayStation 5 settings before this option can be enabled.
  • English VO – use English Dialogue audio instead of system language if your system language is set to a SKU-supported language.
  • JJJ Podcast – Automatically play JJJ Podcasts.


Graphics Mode Options

  • Fidelity – 30FPS with graphical features like raytracing, enhanced lighting, and additional VFX. Temporal techniques provide an extra-high-quality picture from a 4K resolution base.
  • Performance – 60 FPS without the extra graphical features in Fidelity Mode. Temporal techniques provide a 4K picture from a lower-resolution base.
  • HDR – Enable High Dynamic Range. Only available on compatible TVs.
  • Brightness – Adjust the brightness.
  • Contrast – Adjust the contrast intensity.
  • Motion Blur – Adjust the blurring effect created by motion.
  • Film Grain – Adjust the intensity of the film grain visual effect.
  • Chromatic Aberration – Enables a filmic effect where colors appear slightly shifted and out of focus at the image’s corners.
  • High Visibility Spider-Sense – Enable a high contrast Spider-Sense effect.
  • Contrast Options – Enables various shaders and high contrast options to help with visibility. Use presets or customize each setting individually, including solid single colors on the hero, allies, enemies, etc.
  • Contrast Toggle – Toggle on or off the Contrast Option by pressing D-pad Right.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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