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New Civilian Weapons Now Available from Kalashnikov


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The Kalashnikov Company announced the start of sales of its new rifles, which it has modified for civilian rifles for personal protection and self-defense.

The company said the new TG2S and TR9S rifles have been modified to comply with Russian civilian gun ownership laws, have smooth barrels, and will be available two years after a new weapons license has been issued. storage of personal weapons in Russia.

The TG2S pistol has a body weight of 3.6 kg without cartridges, a total length of 945 mm, a barrel length of 341 mm, and can be equipped with magazines for 10 rounds.

As for the TR9S rifle, it is compatible with 345TK cartridges and comes in a 3.1 kg case without cartridges.

This shotgun has an overall length of 830/840mm, a smooth 367mm inner barrel, a folding nose and a 10-round magazine, and can also be equipped with a larger 30-round magazine. .

Source: Weapons of Russia

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