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New classification of the strongest and weakest passports for 2023


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Global citizenship and residency consulting firm Henley & Partners has published a list of the strongest and weakest passports of 2023.

Japan and Singapore are tied for first place, according to the company, as its passport holders can enter 193 countries without a visa, followed by South Korea with access to 192 destinations.

Germany and Spain tied for third with 191 destinations, Finland, Italy and Luxembourg were fourth with 190 destinations, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden were fifth with 189 destinations, France, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom were sixth with 188 directions).

The Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the USA (187 destinations) are in seventh place, Australia, Canada, Greece and Malta are in eighth place (186 destinations), Hungary is in ninth place. and Poland (185 destinations), while Lithuania and Slovakia are in tenth place (184 destinations).

As for the countries in the top ten with the weakest passports, these are:

Afghanistan (27 destinations) Iraq (29 destinations) Syria (30 destinations) Pakistan (32 destinations) Yemen (34 destinations) Somalia (35 destinations) Nepal (37 destinations) Palestine (38 destinations) North Korea, Libya and Bangladesh (40 destinations) Sri Lanka and Lebanon and Kosovo (41 destinations)

Source: RT

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