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New details about the search for the golden mountain in Egypt


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Nagy Farag, adviser to the Minister of Supply of Egypt on gold mining issues, revealed the details of the discovery of the Ikat mine in the eastern desert of Egypt.

Farage added in an exclusive interview with the Nile News Channel today, Friday, that the Jebel Ikat mine can produce about 200 kg of gold per month, which replenishes the gold balance of the Central Bank and strengthens the Egyptian currency and the national economy.

He pointed out that there are many gold mines in Egypt, including the Atud region in the eastern desert, the Golden Triangle region, the Hanash region, the Iraq Valley region, and the Al Baraniyya region, noting that there are more than 100 regions suitable for mining. exploration for gold in Egypt.

Adviser to the Minister of Supply for the gold industry said that gold mining at the Ikat mine is carried out by the hands of an Egyptian, which is the Shalatin company, which is a major economic resource for the state treasury.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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