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New Evidence of Earth’s Core Leakage Found on Baffin Island: High Levels of Helium-3 in Rocks


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Earth’s Core Leaking: Evidence of High Levels of Helium-3 Found on Baffin Island

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Geochemists have recently discovered evidence of high levels of helium-3 in rocks on Baffin Island, indicating a potential leakage from the Earth’s core.

Research Findings

In a study published in the journal Nature, a joint team from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the California Institute of Technology investigated helium-3 and helium-4 levels in the Canadian Arctic archipelago.

Possible Core Leak

Previous studies had already detected traces of helium-3 in lava flows on Baffin Island, suggesting a potential leak from the Earth’s core. Helium-3 is an ancient isotope that was abundant during the Earth’s formation.

Rare and Fugitive

Helium-3, due to its nature, tends to escape into the atmosphere and disappear into space, making it rare on the surface. Therefore, if helium-3 is found on the surface, it is highly likely to have originated from the core.

Field Research on Baffin Island

To investigate the possibility of a core leak, the scientific team conducted tests on various lava flows on Baffin Island.

Unprecedented Levels

The research team discovered significantly higher levels of helium-3 than previous studies had observed, surpassing any other location on Earth. They also found the highest ratio of helium-3 to helium-4 ever measured in terrestrial rocks.

Confirmation of Core Leak

The presence of such elevated levels of helium-3 further supports the hypothesis of a leakage from the Earth’s core.

Scientific Significance

The researchers emphasize the significance of finding such high levels of helium-3 on Earth, as it provides an opportunity to study the underlying materials that have never been accessible before.

Revealing the Nucleus

The discovery of helium-3 flowing from the core suggests the presence of other surrounding materials, offering physical examples of fundamental substances and potentially revealing new insights about the Earth’s nucleus.



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