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New frigates added to Turkey’s naval fleet


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Naval News announced that Türkiye will support its army with three new military frigates.

A statement on the website states: “On April 6, new contracts were signed in Ankara for the supply of 3 new Istanbul-class frigates to the Turkish Navy. The contracts were awarded by the Turkish Defense Industry Authority to STM and TAIS.

For his part, Ismail Demir, head of the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate, pointed out that “negotiations on new contracts were conducted in just two months.”

Turkey has been working on the MILGEM industrial program for many years, under which it plans to develop 4 Istanbul-class combat frigates, with the first of these frigates starting development in 2017 and launching in 2021, and the remaining three ships are expected to be transferred to the Turkish Navy in for 3 years.

The Istanbul frigates are modified versions of the Ada military frigates, each of these ships is 113.2 meters long and 14.4 meters wide, can travel at a speed of 29 knots and cover a distance of 5,700 miles in each mission. .

These ships are armed with HISAR anti-aircraft missiles, ATMACA anti-sea missiles, 76mm and 25mm cannons and 324mm torpedoes.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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