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New Generation of Combat Frigates Built in Brazil


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Military website Armstrade has announced that Brazil is building new multi-role combat frigates for its fleet.

A post on the website states: “A ceremony was recently held at the Thyssenkrupp Estaleiro Brasil Sul shipyard in Santa Catarina to mark the laying of the main beam of the new F200 Tamandare multi-purpose frigate. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Brazil. Ministry of Defense and a number of high-ranking military and company representatives.

The website states: “The company has completed 34% of the work to date on the manufacture of the new ship, and it is expected that the ship will descend into the waters next year, and in 2025 it will be transferred to the Brazilian Navy. , and by December 2029, the Brazilian army should receive 3 more ships of the same type “Type”.

Each of the new F200 Tamandare ships has a length of 17.2 m and a displacement equivalent to 3455 tons. These ships are armed with Sea Ceptor and MM40 air defense systems, 76 mm cannons and 12.7 mm remote-controlled machine guns.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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