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New iPhone Model to Feature USB Type-C Port, Bloomberg Reports


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Market Anticipates New iPhone Model with USB Type-C Port

According to Bloomberg, there is excitement in the market as Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone model that will feature a USB Type-C port for the first time. This change is significant because it means that users will be able to use a universal charging port for their iPhones.

USB-C Port Also to be Included in Apple AirPods Pro

In addition to the new iPhone model, Apple is also planning to incorporate the same USB-C charging port in their AirPods Pro headphones. This move aligns with European Union regulations that require the phasing out of traditional Lightning chargers.

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Apple Yet to Make Official Announcement

Although Bloomberg reports these developments, Apple has not officially confirmed the inclusion of USB-C ports in their upcoming products. However, industry insiders believe that this change is highly likely.

Exciting News Expected on September 12th

Apple is set to make an official announcement about their new products on September 12th. This news has created a lot of anticipation among Apple fans and technology enthusiasts.

Source: Bloomberg

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