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New Italian Navy Multi-Role Warship Delivered: Features, Specifications, and Capabilities


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Italian Navy Receives New Multi-Role Warship

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According to Naval News, the Italian Navy has recently taken delivery of a new multi-role warship.

Delivery Ceremony

A ceremony was held on September 27, 2023, at the shipyard of Italian company Fincantieri to mark the delivery of the third PPA class ship to the Italian Navy. The event was attended by representatives of the Navy’s leadership and specialists from local military industry companies.

Modernization Plan

In 2015, Italy approved a plan to modernize its warships, which included the construction of multi-purpose warships of the PPA type. The first ship of this class was adopted by the Italian Navy in March of last year, and the second ship entered service in October of the same year.

New PPA Ship Specifications

The new PPA ship has a length of 143 meters, a beam of 16.5 meters, and a displacement equivalent to 4,900 tons. It can accommodate a crew of 173 people, travel at a speed of 31 knots, and cover 5,000 nautical miles on each mission.

Weapon Systems

These ships are equipped with SYLVER A50 air missile launch systems, sea missile launch systems, 76 mm cannons, 25 mm machine guns, and 324 mm torpedoes. Additionally, they feature hangars for transporting two NH-90 helicopters or one AW-101 aircraft, as well as platforms for launching these helicopters.


Source: Russian Arms.

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