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New Moai statue found on Easter Island


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Another statue from the group of Moai stone statues on Easter Island was found at the bottom of a dried-up lake.

ABC News reports that about 1,000 moai statues on Easter Island are made of porous rock – volcanic tuff. The height of the largest of these statues is 33 feet (about 10 meters), and the weight of each of them is 3-5 tons, and some of them weigh up to 80 tons.

And the new statue, which was recently found, is small. But it remains an important archaeological discovery, since it indicates the possibility of other statues in the area, scientists have no information about their existence. And the most interesting thing is that this is the first statue discovered at the bottom of a dried-up lake.

Archaeologist Terry Hunt says: “The moai statues reflect the history of the Rapa Nui people, who are the deified ancestors of the current inhabitants of the island. Therefore, the search for moai statues and the tools used to make them will continue.”

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