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New Reality: AI Could Displace 300 Million Workers Worldwide


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Goldman Sachs experts have proposed laying off 300 million employees worldwide, whose tasks are solved by modern artificial intelligence applications, such as the GBT Chat chat application.

Thus, experts expected the possibility of computerization of 18% of enterprises worldwide, which could affect developed economies more deeply than developing countries, the report says.

The report indicated that this is partly due to the growing threat to white-collar workers compared to other workers, as experts say administrators and lawyers are expected to suffer more than workers whose tasks require physical effort.

He added that two-thirds of jobs in the US and Europe could be automated with AI, and that up to a quarter of all jobs worldwide could be fully automated.

Thus, the labor market will face major shocks if expectations are met regarding the ability of generative AI to manage these jobs.

It is worth noting that generative artificial intelligence refers to the technology behind chatbots, such as “ChatGBT”, which has recently made a technological revolution in the world, since “ChatGBT” can answer questions from its users and write articles, which has prompted many owners Businesses to rethink the job requirements of their employees.

Source: CNN Business

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