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New SMS fraud scheme prompts warning to Russian citizens


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Moscow, March 31 – Fraudsters came up with a new scheme to steal money from the subscriber by conducting an “online interview” with him and sending fake messages about money transfer during this – cases of fraud in the amount of up to 10 thousand rubles have been recorded. Director of fraud prevention and loss of income of the News Agency agency “Megaphone” Sergey Khrenov.
The meeting itself, according to the expert, lasts half an hour, during which the “recruiter” enters the victim’s secretariat, and then asks the interlocutor to check the activity of the bank account to which the wages will be due. “To do this, the victim is asked to share a screen, open a banking application and transfer a certain amount to his mobile phone account,” Khrenov explained.

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Further, after a successful transaction, the attacker makes a “job offer” to the victim, sends an SMS to “return” the money from the mobile phone to the bank account. The text contains the correct amount for the transfer, but the subscriber does not see exactly where the money was transferred.
“He confirms the transfer in a response SMS – and the money from the mobile account goes to scammers. Now there are cases of theft of up to 10 thousand rubles in this way,” the expert concluded.

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