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New Study Shows Earth Exceeding Safe Operating Space in 6 of 9 Elements: Are We in a Very Bad Situation?


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A New Study Reveals Earth’s Health is Deteriorating


A recent study has found that the Earth is surpassing the “safe operating space” for humanity in six out of nine vital elements, and two of the remaining three elements are also trending in the wrong direction.

The Earth’s Health Crisis

According to a team of international scientists, the Earth’s climate, biodiversity, land and fresh water, nutrient pollution, and man-made chemicals such as small plastic particles and nuclear waste are spiraling out of control.

Concerning Trends

The study highlights that only ocean acidity, air health, and the ozone layer are currently at acceptable levels. However, even these elements are facing the risk of pollution and degradation.

The Planet’s Declining Stability

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Johan Rockström, one of the study’s authors, expressed grave concern about the current state of the Earth. He stated, “We are in a very bad situation. In this analysis, we demonstrate that the planet is losing stability, and the situation is becoming increasingly dire.”

Evaluating Earth’s Health

Back in 2009, Rockström and his colleagues established nine different standard categories to evaluate the overall health of the Earth. The latest study builds upon the 2015 study and adds a sixth element to the unsafe category. Specifically, the condition of rivers has deteriorated, moving water from the “barely safe” category to the “uncontrollable” category.

Crucial Measurements

Rockström emphasizes that these measurements play a pivotal role in determining the fate of the planet. He highlights that all nine elements have been scientifically proven through numerous complementary studies.

The Path to Safety

Rockström suggests that if the Earth can address these nine elements effectively, it may become relatively safe. However, he underscores that the current situation is far from secure.


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