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New Third-Generation Moment Lenses Now Available for Apple’s Latest iPhones


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Moment Launches Third-Generation Lenses for Apple iPhones

Moment, a firm specializing in photography accessories, recently announced the launch of its third-generation lenses. These lenses are the company’s first add-on lenses developed specifically for Apple’s latest iPhones. Multiple T-Series lenses are currently available for purchase and are compatible with Android and iPhone handsets.

New Lens Options

  • 14mm Fisheye ($120) – The 14mm Fisheye is a wide-angle lens that offers a field of view that is 200 degrees. It can take advantage of the entire picture sensor on more recent iPhones, so there is no vignetting or darkening in the corners. Due to the fact that this lens is a fisheye, there will be some distortion.
  • Anamorphic 1.33x ($150) – Designed to give videos captured on an iPhone a more professional looking appearance. When going for the anamorphic flare appearance, you have the choice between a gold flare and a blue flare. Rich golden tones can be achieved with a gold flare, while a 1960s-style cinematic effect can be achieved with a blue flare. Photos and films taken at 1.33x have significantly less distortion than other resolutions.
  • Anamorphic 1.55x ($150) – Compared to Moment’s M-series lenses, the aperture on the Anamorphic lenses is 20 percent wider. Additionally, the three-element construction of the Anamorphic lenses contributes to improved low-light performance. When it comes to video capture, the effect that the 1.55x lens produces is by far the most spectacular.
  • 58mm Telephoto ($150) – The 58mm telephoto lens has a 2x optical zoom. It is compatible with the built-in telephoto lens on Apple’s Pro iPhones. This lens can also be used independently. When using the Moment app, you can zoom in by a factor of four.
  • 10x Macro ($120) – The Macro lens can capture magnified photographs of distant subjects as close as one inch away. When combined with the Wide lens, the iPhone’s built-in macro capability cannot match the improved texture and detail achieved when using this accessory in conjunction with the Wide lens.
  • 18mm Wide ($130) – The 18mm Wide lens provides a wide-angle vision comparable to that of the Ultra Wide camera on the iPhone but with significantly less distortion. It is possible to combine it with the Ultra Wide camera to take photographs with a greater depth of field.

To use the lenses, you will need a Moment case that is compatible with them. The company now sells cases for the most recent iPhone models and has stated that they want to support the iPhone 15 once it is released. Pre-orders can now be placed with an iPhone 15 case, and orders are scheduled to be fulfilled after the debut of the new iPhones.

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New Third-Generation Ca mera Lenses from Moment Are Now Available for the iPh one_

Compatibility and Trade-In Program

You can utilize any of Moment’s T-Series lenses with an iPhone 13 or later and a Moment case that is compatible with the lenses. The Moment is now running a trade-in program for M-Series lenses, through which participants can get an in-store credit of up to $50 per lens that can be applied toward the purchase of new T-Series lenses.


Beginning today, customers may place orders for the T-Series lenses on the Moment website, and the company will start sending out orders on September 7.

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