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New York City Allows Call to Prayer without Special Permit: Mayor Eric Adams


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New York City Allows Call to Prayer to Promote Inclusivity

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New York City will now permit the call to prayer, also known as the adhan, to be publicly announced with greater freedom in a bid to foster inclusivity, announced Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday.

New Rules for Mosques

Under the new regulations, mosques in New York City will no longer require a special permit to broadcast the call to prayer on Fridays and at sunset during the holy month of Ramadan. Fridays hold special significance as the Islamic holy day, and Muslims traditionally break their fast at sunset during Ramadan.

Guidelines and Collaboration

Mayor Adams mentioned that the Office of Community Affairs within the police department will collaborate with mosques to communicate the new guidelines. They will also ensure that devices used for broadcasting the call to prayer comply with appropriate decibel levels.

Breaking Barriers

During a press conference at City Hall, Mayor Adams, accompanied by Muslim leaders, emphasized that while he is mayor of New York City, Muslim residents will not be marginalized. He expressed his commitment to ensuring that they are included in the American dream.

Global Context and Minneapolis Example

While the call to prayer is a familiar sound in Muslim-majority countries, it is less frequently heard in the United States. However, Minneapolis made headlines last year when it allowed mosques to publicly broadcast the call to prayer.

Significance of the Call to Prayer

The call to prayer declares the greatness of God and recognizes the Prophet Muhammad as the Messenger of God. It also urges both men and women to engage in prayer, which is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam.

Positive Impact on New York City Students

Somaya Fairouzi, principal of Ideal Islamic School in Queens, believes that the new rules in New York City send a positive message to Muslim students. She attended Mayor Adams’ press conference and stated that hearing the call to prayer will make the students feel acknowledged and part of a community.

Mayor Adams’ Approach to Religion

Mayor Adams, a Democrat, maintains strong relationships with religious leaders from various traditions and advocates for the role of religion in public life. However, his stance on the separation of church and state has raised concerns among civil libertarians. Adams has expressed his belief that faith guides his actions and considers the state and church as interconnected.

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