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Nighttime Factors Leading to Hand Paresthesia


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The cause of numbness in the hands can be the wrong choice of pillow or the wrong position in a dream. But the cause may be diseases that a person suffers from.

According to doctors, the cause of hand numbness at night is often an uncomfortable sleeping position – sleeping on an inappropriate pillow. In addition, sleeping on one side often causes hand numbness. Therefore, a pillow whose height is equal to the distance from the shoulder to the head must be chosen so that the physiological line is exactly equal to the line of the spine. But if a person wants to sleep on his stomach, it is better for him to choose a small pillow of short stature.

But sometimes the cause of paresthesia of the hands is a serious disease, for example, scalenus syndrome. This muscle is located around the cervical spine. It is responsible for the movement of the head. And this muscle can spasm as a result of repetitive sharp unusual movements or sitting and looking in one direction for a long time.

Accordingly, this muscle can put pressure on the nerves and vessels passing through its fibers, which leads to pain both in the neck itself and in the arm, in some accompanied by a headache. Therefore, with severe pain, it is necessary to take painkillers, massage the area, and perform certain exercises.

Another cause of paresthesia in the hands can be carpal tunnel syndrome. This tunnel is located in the wrist and carries blood vessels and nerves through it to the fingers and metatarsal muscles. Tennis players, athletes and programmers usually suffer from this syndrome.

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