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No longer will Google Contacts Appear to be so Tight When Viewed on Tablets


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Depending on how many calls and messages we receive daily, we may not even think about utilizing Google Contacts but find ourselves doing so virtually daily. For quite some time, Google has been changing the built-in contacts app for Android. Most recently, Material You widgets have been added. Users can now create and update contacts on the app’s web interface. The firm is implementing some cosmetic modifications with a new update to the Google Contacts app for tablets.


No longer will Google Contacts Appear to be so Tight When Viewed on Tablets_

Yes, it is possible to modify contacts on a tablet. It occurs.

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The bottom bar of tabs has been moved to the left side of the screen, making it easier to access in landscape mode, especially on a screen as big as those on tablets, according to 9to5Google, which also adds that version 4.3 is now available (via APK Mirror). Future tablets with a unique 7:5 aspect ratio, like the OnePlus Pad, could benefit from this design.

The rearranged bottom bar icons are arranged vertically on the left-side railing in the following order: the floating action bar for adding a new contact; the Contacts tab; the freshly updated Highlights page; and finally, Repair & manage. When you tap the contacts button, a list of the people you know appears in the center of the screen with contact information slots on the right. In the Contacts pane, the top search bar is only half as wide; while inside Highlights, it extends to its full width. Is this behavior intentional, or is it just a bug that might be rectified in future updates? The Highlights and Repair & manage pages’ information are in the center of the screen, giving plenty of room on either side in the process for the former.

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Look forward to Google Contacts version 4.3 if you possess one of the top Android tablets on the market today (or are using your Android apps with a fantastic Chromebook). The deployment has already started.

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