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No one succeeded.. Vacancy with special characteristics at the Ronaldo Palace for $ 5,500


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British newspaper Daily Mail reported that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo began preparing for the stage after retiring from football.

The newspaper indicated that Ronaldo was preparing a “nursing home” in Portugal, noting that it cost £17 million.

She added: “The house is located in Quinta de Marinha, Portugal and construction work is expected to be completed next June.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is desperately looking for a full-time sushi chef for £4,500 a month after creating a dedicated deli area –

— THELAPDROP (@thelapdrop) January 19, 2023

She pointed out that the Portuguese legend was upset that there was a vacancy with special characteristics in the palace, but he had not yet been able to find a suitable person for her.

And she added that he did not find anyone who would appoint him to the position of “chef” for him and his family in the palace, indicating that there are special conditions for this work, whose monthly salary will be 4500 pounds, which is equivalent to 5549 pounds sterling. U.S. dollars.

And she pointed out that the most important characteristics when choosing a “chef” are that he can prepare traditional Portuguese dishes as well as international dishes such as sushi, and the luxurious palace has a specially equipped area for preparing delicious Japanese dishes. .

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