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North Korea Transforms An-2 and MiG-15 Planes into Attack Units


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North Korea is working on a project to convert the famous Soviet An-2 light agricultural aircraft into attack drones.

This was reported by the South Korean TV channel “Korea, South and North” with reference to sources in the Ministry of Defense of South Korea. She said trials of attack drones were in full swing, knowing that the number of completed “agricultural” aircraft in North Korea was estimated at 300 aircraft. She added that these drones will be used for deep penetration into enemy defenses.

Sources indicated that these light, semi-wooden aircraft, if re-equipped, would pose a serious threat to South Korea’s air defenses, as they are difficult for radar to detect, allowing them to fly at low altitudes. As for the payload, it can reach 1500 kilograms.

North Korea is also working on re-equipping MiG-15 fighter jets that were produced in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, sources said, noting that North Korea has a combat drone fleet of 1,000 drones, including about 100 suicide drones. .

Notably, China is also working to re-engineer its old aircraft into combat drones, including the MiG-19 fighter jets that the Chinese industry produced in abundance during the 1960s.

Source: Russian newspaper

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