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North Korea’s Missile Launch Declared a Flagrant Violation by White House


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Washington, March 16 – The White House condemned North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, describing it as a “flagrant violation” of a number of UN Security Council resolutions.
As noted, the US Armed Forces Indo-Pacific Command deemed the launch not to pose an immediate threat to the US military, territory, and allies. At the same time, the White House stressed that the launch “raises tensions and threatens to destabilize the security situation in the region.”

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The White House added that the United States will take all necessary measures to ensure its security, as well as the security of South Korea and Japan’s allies.
According to the South Korean military, North Korea at 7.10 (01.10 Moscow time) launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from the Sunan airport in Pyongyang in an eastern direction. According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the missile flew for about 70 minutes and at 8.19 am (2.19 Moscow time) it supposedly fell 200 km from Oshima Island in Hokkaido, outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The flight range, according to the Japanese military, was 1,000 km, and the maximum flight altitude was 6,000 km. This is the sixth time that ballistic missiles have been launched from North Korea this year.
South Korea and the United States on Monday kicked off their annual 11-day joint military exercise, Freedom Shield, along with a massive allied field exercise dubbed ‘Shield Warrior’ for the first time in years, amid South Korea’s hardening rhetoric toward Pyongyang. .

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